Boikot Produk Perancis Adalah Ide yang Paling Non-Sense yang Saya Dengar

Setelah komentar bernada islamofobia dan xenofobia dilontarkan dari Presiden Emmanuel Macron, ajakan untuk rame-rame boikot produk-produk dan merk-merk Perancis mulai tersebar di negara-negara Islam.

Boycott Is the Most Non-Sensical Idea I’ve Ever Heard

In the wake of islamophobia and xenophobia in France following President Emmanuel Macron’s latest statement, calls to boycott French products are spreading mostly in Islamic countries.

Jangan Masuk ke Pesantren

Jangan masuk ke pesantren sejak usia dini. Kalau keukeuh mau masuk, masuklah saat usia sudah pas dan matang.

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Eminem’s Albums: Ranking His Discography From 1999 to 2020

In honor of Marshall Mathers’ birthday, I am ranking Eminem’s albums from best to worst from 1999 to 2020.

5 Things I Wish I Knew Before Graduating High School: 22-Year-Old Edition

Years have passed through. My friends and I have graduated, and we’re going through our own separate walks of life. Maybe I miss them, I don’t know, but I sometimes wish I knew these 5 things before I graduated.

Black Lives Matter: Why NWA’s Fuck Tha Police Will Always Be Relevant

I’m not saying it’s wholly right or wholly wrong. I’m saying it’s understandable.

Why So Many People Fall Into Conspiracy Theories

The fact that our world is sick is a bitter pill to swallow, and unfortunately, it is tough for some people to accept so.

How I, Personally, Dealt With My Toxic Parents

Sometimes, the closest people we have are the ones who destroy our dreams into tiny-bitsy of pieces

Guess Who’s Back: How 50 Cent Cemented His Place As A Mixtape Genius

Whatever the formula is, believe it or not, 50 Cent was the one who pushed the art of mixtapes to the next level.

Eminem is an underrated and overrated rapper. Here's why
Eminem Is An Overrated & Underrated Rapper At The Same Time

In this era, hip-hop culture is bigger than just a hood in New York. Even though his music is not something an average African-American would listen to, but there’s no denying his contribution to the culture.