Boarding School or Segregation?

It was a strange time, honestly. Strange because I have a vivid memory of it. Strange because I was too green to understand. Strange because it was … strange.

It’s Okay Not To Always Forgive

Listen, it’s fine, we do not need any closure or peace. We can just accept the fact that we’re always on the opposite sides of the road.

Waktu Berlalu

Aneh, menyeramkan, tapi penuh misteri. Seperti ini lah waktu berlari. Tulisan ini adalah sedikit selebrasi untuk orang-orang yang sudah membantu saya berdiri di atas kaki sendiri.

My First Week In Romania

You know you’re doing so well when looking back does not interest you anymore.

My 5-Year Plan Grand Design

I’ve just read somewhere that you should put your 5-year plan for the public to motivate you, so here we are.

I Got Fired, But I’m Blessed

I realized then; maybe money isn’t everything. Perhaps money is not what I desperately need at the moment. What if it’s a little recognition and appreciation that I need the most?

5 Things I Wish I Knew Before Graduating High School: 22-Year-Old Edition

Years have passed through. My friends and I have graduated, and we’re going through our own separate walks of life. Maybe I miss them, I don’t know, but I sometimes wish I knew these 5 things before I graduated.

illustration on capitalism
Dear Millionaires, Please, Shut The Fuck Up

People often say money does not buy happiness and give rich people who took their own lives as an example, but do they have any idea how crippling poverty caused by the systemic capitalism takes the lives of our youths?

How I, Personally, Dealt With My Toxic Parents

Sometimes, the closest people we have are the ones who destroy our dreams into tiny-bitsy of pieces

What Dating A Person With Mental Health Issues Might Feel Like

Unfortunately, loving someone doesn’t necessarily mean that you fully understand their depression phase.