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I Don’t like Being Not Liked

I Don’t like Being Not Liked

I don’t like being not liked.

Or more like, I hate being not liked.

I’d go to Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat every day and then see these people like,

“I dislike it when they don’t like my photographs.”

“I hate it when they don’t retweet my attempt to be funny.”

“I loathe it when they don’t read my blog.”

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See –

The idea of what-so-called social media is pretty nuts, you know. I mean, we all are trying to build our very own persona, and how we want people to picture us. And at the end of the day, this is all you have in your doormat: self-doubt, pity, and bitterness.

You want people to think you’re funny?

Then post funny memes with funny captions.

You want people to think you’re rich and living a royal life?

Then post about your vacation, brag about how expensive this Chanel bag. Bash this person and that person with that Gucci.

You want people to think you’re such a religious guy?

Then post quotes, religious quotes. Tell them how you attend this scholar and that scholar study.

And it’s okay. It is completely fine. Even some people’s real-life persona differ their on-the-screen persona. We all build our reputation. 

However, it gets wrong when you are *obsessed* with it. When you frequently check how many likes your post has or how many views your story has. We desperately seek validation, and it’s unhealthy, you feel me? 

Final Thought

You don’t know how many of these Instagram models get caught up in a neck-breaking debt due to living an expensive lavish life on it. You don’t know how many friends do these people with 10-15 likes have. Or these people with +500 likes? How about him? Or her?

People who bond strongly like homies but appear like strangers online? People who look like that dream couple everybody dreams of – yet they’re living a hell miserable life? You don’t know.

People do dumb shit on the internet. I know the story of a girl who made a fake account of her “boyfriend” on Instagram. “He” would comment on all her pics some shitload of cringe like “oof,” “I miss you,,” “OMG you SOOooooo PWETTYYYYYY” and “i wantchoo here bbgg 😜🤑😏😫. ” 

Like, holy fuck, stop! I know what you’re doing. Stop embarrassing yourself.

Appearances are just appearances, fam. Don’t let it go inside your head.

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