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I Got Fired, But I’m Blessed

I Got Fired, But I’m Blessed

I recently got fired. 

Not exactly a recent event since it happened three weeks ago, but you get the idea. 

I got fired from this company, which I shall remain nameless, that I used to work as a freelancer.

It was incredibly stressful for me. I’m just about to continue my bachelor’s in journalism study. To make things even worse, I resigned from my 9-to-5 two months before dismissal because I thought, “This job pays decent & I could set my own pace since I’ll soon become a student.”

“Now, how am I supposed to save some money?,” I questioned myself every single day. 

“How am I supposed to pay rent & tuition?”

It was painful, especially amidst the pandemic crisis where everyone but Jeff fucking Bezos gets poorer & poorer. It hit me hard every single day. 

Luckily, I managed to save up a fair amount of money beforehand, and it’s enough to buy me some time. 

I spent days looking for jobs, even applying to some writing gigs that I am not qualified for. I told myself that I’ve been through a worse hell. If I did survive that one, this should be just a walk in a park. I once got hired & fired within the same day for ‘misconduct,’ but that’s another story.

Maybe I did apply to like over a hundred gigs out there. I’m not sure. Only some came back to me, but I declined most of them because we do not see eye-to-eye in the contract. 

Then, this vacancy came. Same stuff: writing about tech, culture, video games, and kinds of things I’m highly fluent in. It doesn’t pay as good as my previous freelancing job offered me: 5 USD for a 500-word story. 

“Well, that’s a downgrade,” I told myself. 

I have to admit: I was a little skeptical at first, like, “How am I supposed to make the same amount of money I used to make with this rate?.”

Whatever, I did accept the job, anyway. 

On my first day, my editor emailed me a link to Steam of an upcoming indie game. It’s called Contraband Police, and your task is to find smugglers & contraband suppliers who try to cross the border. It’s an exclusive demo, meaning that the devs only selected a few people. 

They wanted me to write a press release for the game, which I accepted. I submitted it back to my other editor (I have to), and he said, 

“I like it. It’s very engaging.”

I was awestruck. That point, I felt appreciated. I do not remember anyone from my previous freelancing work’s higher authority telling me that I did a fantastic job. 

I realized then; maybe money isn’t everything. Perhaps money is not what I desperately need at the moment. What if it’s a little recognition and appreciation that I need the most?

I am always a passionate writer, and I always take pride in my writings, but honestly, the last couple of weeks (or months) with my previous freelancing company did not pan out the way I intended it to be. 

Although I am not here blaming anyone, I felt like I was a writing robot. I felt like I had to reach this amount of article for the bonus, even if it means covering topics I do not know about & ideas that aren’t mine. 

I’m not saying that I don’t need money cause I do. Had I not worked with my previous company, I would never be where I’m at right now. I would never have the opportunity to continue my study.

We often hear: get a lot of money even if you have to work in something you’re not passionate about. Or, do business because it opens so many doors of wealth. 

But what if what applies to you doesn’t always apply to anyone? What if some of us don’t need that much money? What if some of us want a peaceful life with enough money to live by?

This firing made me realize that I do not need that much money more than I do with a peaceful mind & a healthy connection with my surroundings. 

Right now, I’m excited to work with these folks. I’m still in a probationary month, so let’s see how it plays out. Although I keep my door open for my previous content manager to welcome me back, I don’t think my dedication would ever be the same. 

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