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My 5-Year Plan Grand Design

My 5-Year Plan Grand Design

5-year plans are a thing of beauty. It gives us the blueprint of our target and helps us organize our lives better; hence, we need to be specific. However, this not, by any means, a rigid timeframe to follow.

Simply telling that you want to better yourself up is not helping. What are the indicators? What are the defining moments? How do you better yourself up? What do you want to change? You need to know what you want to get what you want, but be honest. It’s about you and what makes you happy, and not anyone. 

By the way, no, this is not an article about how to make a 5-year plan. I’ve just read somewhere that you should put your 5-year plan for the public to motivate you, so here we are. Maybe I will get back to this in five years and give myself a pat in the back if I’m still around. 

2020/2021: Get the B2 Language Certificate, Save Up More Than $3k, and Run Every Morning. 

Study: I want to be a journalist—the power of the pen, or typing keyboards in this digital era, for that matter, succumbs me and mesmerizes me.

Lucky me, I got a full scholarship from Babes-Bolyai University, Romania. I’ve been studying its grammar online, and I aim for at least a B2/C1 fluency certificate by the end of the academic year. I will then be speaking in five languages. 

Financial: I do not expect much from myself this year. I’ve burnt out so much since 2019, and I do not want to overwork myself anymore. I want to have at least $3,000 of savings. It will at least keep me afloat for six months with even if I don’t have a job and no monthly stipend from my scholarship in Romania. 

Lucky me, I’m debt-free already, but this year, I have to learn how to rest.

Health and Personal: Getting healthy is the essential thing this year. I want to build a habit of morning jogging every day except for the weekends. Not too much expectation, just 30 to 45 minutes morning run, would improve my stamina. 

Also, cut some sugar and carbohydrates because I need to lose weight (2-3 KG less). Exploring the country and seeing a special person are also on my bucket list. 

2021/2022: Lay Low, Get an Internship, Start a Stack Portfolio, Get In Shape

Study: This year, I will start studying journalism. I want to lay low, meaning I don’t get into too much trouble: no more unnecessary spending or too much involvement in any organization. A 3.2 GPA standard sounds doable. 

Financial: Using the three stacks savings I have, I want to start building my stack portfolio. Buy some profitable stocks and sell them when it’s in high demand. I’m still unsure how it works now, but I’ll get there. I want to end this year with $10,000 savings in my bank and separate $3,000 of it for emergency funds. That leaves me with $7,000 left, with $1,000 to add to my investment portfolio. 

 But, I have to find a new gig (or a new client) because the one I’m working for only pays a $5/500-word article. 

Health and Personal: Now that I already build a healthy lifestyle, maybe it’s the best time to get in shape by going to the gym three times a week. I’m still unsure about how it works, but I’ll get there. The key is consistency. Be spiritually grounded. Make peace with my past. 

2022/2023: Go to the Netherlands for an Erasmus Semester.

Study: Now, this is the juicy part. My university has a partnership with Utrecht University in the Netherlands. Another Indonesian student who had recently graduated also had an Erasmus semester in this university, so I guess, why not? Make a lot of connections and work there for six months. 

Financial: With $7,000 savings and $1,000 in stocks, maybe it’s the best time to start thinking about properties. I’ve always wanted to be a journalist in the UK cause that’s where the big players are, like the BBC and the Guardian.

This year, I will have to take a look at a studio or one-bedroom apartment there and how the scheme works. 

Keep working; keep investing. End the year with $12,000 in the bank. The more, the better. Also, apply for insurance. 

Health and Personal: Stay consistent. I don’t expect myself to add more burden than what I already have. I want to invest some money in traveling to reward myself. See the world and travel to the countries every holiday season.  

My sister should be graduating this year, and I want to be there for her. Fly back to Indonesia, and support her college study. 

2024/2025: Graduate.

Study: Graduate. I don’t expect too much. A 3.00 GPA is satisfactory to me, but we shall see. 

Financial: I’ve been building quite a portfolio and saving, and I’ve already secured an emergency fund for six months and insurance, but I always look to work and invest. By this year, I will have at least four to five years of freelance journalism experience, and that’s more than enough to secure me a better paying job. End the year with $30,000 in savings. 

Health and Personal: Stay consistent, and support my sister’s college education. 

2025/2026: Settle In the UK, Get an NCTJ Qualification, and Get a Job.

Study: I’ve always wanted to get a journalism job in the UK, so I figured a national qualification from the National Council for the Training of Journalists (NCTJ) is required. 

After graduating, I will move to the UK to enroll in a fast-track NCTJ course for news journalism from News Associates. The study will take six months from September 2025. 

Financial: I will try my best to focus on my NCTJ study solely, so I don’t expect to make that much money this year. I have $30,000 in savings, plus some stacks portfolio, emergency funds, and insurance. 

After graduating, I will actively be looking for jobs. This money will keep me afloat for at least six months of unemployment during my fast-track NCTJ education. 

Back up plan is, if things go south and I don’t have that much money, I will be flying back to Indonesia and getting a distance-learning education from NCTJ.

Health and Personal: Stay consistent with my morning run and gym routine. Travel the world at least one country every holiday. Visit my sister or fly back to Indonesia if possible. 

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