Jadi, Anda Mau Mulai Nulis?

Tuntunan yang (gak) komprehensif (amat) tentang menulis.

Ustad Kami Memang Paling Hebat!

Petrus jakandor samyang jumanji, ustad Rahmat Baequni memang mantap ciamik emejing. Sudah ahli UFO, ahli konspirasi pula.

Dipecat Kurang dari 4 Jam: Sebuah Pengalaman

Saya pernah pengalaman dipecat kurang dari 4 jam. Betul, 4 jam. 240 menit. 14,400 detik.

This Person Does Not Exist: The Dark Side of Technology

Let’s talk about This Person Does Not Exist website (thispersondoesnotexist.com), a whole (not really) new revolutionary-yet-dangerous technology.

(Another) 3 Things You Should Never Say to A Friend in Need

Pay attention to your wordings.

3 Things You Should Never Say to A Friend in Need

When a friend decides to spill it out for you, you are a big deal.

A Reason to Be Grateful

This is the story of 3 men who ‘cheated’ death.

I Don’t like Being Not Liked

The age of social media addiction is alarming.

The Story of Etienne de Silhouette

Silhouette is a form of art. It is a dark shape and/or outline of a visible object against a lighter background, ‘specially in dim light. It’s black, dark, horrid, and gloomy. This is the story of Etienne de Silhouette, the man behind the word.